My Days So Far

What’s been going on with my days? So far a bit hectic, a bit fast, a bit of everything. As of thursday, I only have 5 weeks go, originally 6 because I’m subtracting a week to be on a safe side because my son ended being 2 weeks early. Reason I say my days can be hectic, is because even though it’s currently 1 child, I feel like the mom in Mom’s Night Out. It’s not my kids fault that it’s the way it is now, it’s the fact that me and my husband currently don’t have the time or money to go out and enjoy ourselves or take my son to have fun himself. It’s the fact that I’m currently not working due to pregnancy and that I’m at the last stretch of it, and in Nevada, it’s hard to look for something when they don’t hire women that are already pregnant and such, so thankfully at the last 6 weeks of being pregnant and possibly an extra month to heal things will be better for us again, because I will be working again. But other than that, everything has been fine, going smoothly, according to plan of what the Gods have planned for me and my family.

As for what I needed to work on for my Gods and Goddesses, I have been so distracted on what’s going on now. I know They understand that me and my husband are currently on a tight budget, we are trying to do what we need to do. But I know for a fact once we get out we do alot of stuff for them to make up on; Rituals, offerings, personal time, etc. You can bet, we’ll make up for the lost time we couldn’t.

This is all I can say for now. Talk to you all later.


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